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Consumer Spending Forex Trading Indicators

There are two important consumer spending indicators for the online Forex trading market, the consumer credit and the consumer price index (CPI). These Forex indicators are used in Forex trading fundamental analysis in order to foresee price changes in foreign currency.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

This Forex trading economic indicator is published by the Bureau of labor statistics in the U.S. Department of Labor, every 13th of a month. The economic index is relevant for the passing month, and measures the price of a fixed basket of goods and services that is bought by consumers. This is the most used measure of inflation, an important tool for the Forex trading market.

It is important to state that this Forex economic indicator does not measure technological commodities which change in price, and this is something the CPI has been criticized for.

When you use the CPI to measure Forex trading price changes, you should always remember to take into consideration the movements in the food and energy prices, because they can change and rise or drop regardless of the Forex currency or the inflation levels.

The CPI is also monitored on it's yearly Forex Trading indicator that tells a great deal on the condition of the Forex inflation levels of a currency.

Consumer Credit Forex Indicator

The consumer credit index is published by the federal reserve every fifth business day of the month. This Forex trading measure is used to evaluate consumer spending. This measure is liable to make considerable changes and fluctuations in its value.

Consumer credit consists of three categories: auto, revolving and other. All in all this indicator is less important than the CPI, but it can also help you gain an understanding of the online Forex trading market.

Tania Raven, Market Analyst

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