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Forex Vs Equities

Any novice Forex trader questions himself sooner or later – "Why did I choose the Forex market, is it definitely the best financial market for me?" Usually this question arises from curiosity and nothing else, but curiosity must be satisfied.

In the next two articles our team will point the evident advantages the Forex market has over other well-known financial markets, starting with the famous US equities market. Any person with a feel for economics and trading experiences some sensation to the sound of Wall Street, but does it truly measure up to the colossal forex market?

First, the key benefit the forex market offers is its 24-hour accessibility. When you are trading forex it doesn’t matter at all whether it is 5am or 5pm. Time differences and market dynamics make sure there will always be an eager trader somewhere around the globe looking for a deal. This feature gives you the privilege to respond to any financial developments, as soon as they transpire. Furthermore, the prices of forex can not be affected from after-hours trade.

An additional key aspect of the forex market is its unmatched liquidity. This legendary liquidity is derived from the market's immense size, more than 50 times larger than the total trade in the US stock exchange. None the less, it's seemingly impossible size, which sometimes creates certain repulsion, and its liquidity creates stability like in no other market. The forex market is one of the most solid financial markets throughout the modern financial history.

Online forex has many advantages that the equities market can't even dream of. The leveraging that online forex brokers present is significantly better than any possible offer you can find on the equities market. The margin that the online forex firms can offer is extremely larger than the standard 2:1 you'll get from your equity broker. The margin you get while trading forex can go even up to 100:1, and in some cases even 200:1. You are welcome to learn more about margin and leveraging in our "Margin trading overview.

Read more about the advantages in the next article that will compare the forex market to the equities market.

Dave Cohen, Editor [26 - 10 - 2005]

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