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EUR/USD: (1.4398) Failed to extend above 1.4459

KBC Market Research Desk from KBC Bank at 01/07/10


Drop from last year high has met target of daily channel break off June low (1.4219) and puts the pair below the neckline of a daily Double Top off 1.4626, with 1st target at 1.4188 having been approached.
Support area at 1.4357 (daily envelope bottom + daily Medium Term Moving Average↑), ahead of 1.4300 (see graph: Flag bottom), where pause favored.
If wrong, next level at 1.4282 (reaction low hourly), ahead of 1.4257/ .4244 (current week low/ daily Fibonacci Fan Line off 2005 low + 200 Day Moving Average↑) and 1.4218 (reaction low off 1.5145): tough on 1st tests.
Resistance at 1.4456 (reaction high hourly), with next levels at 1.4485/ .4490 (current week high/daily envelope top), ahead of 1.4509 (breakdown hourly), where pause favored.
If wrong, next levels at 1.4556/ .4572 (reaction high hourly/ 38.2% 1.5145 to 1.4218), ahead of 1.4607/ .4619 (daily Bollinger top/ daily Long Term Moving Average↓ + daily Starc top): tough on 1st attempts.

USD/JPY: (92.15) Below channel off 84.82

EUR/GBP: (.9005) Reapproaching Downtrendline off .9154

EUR/JPY: (132.65) Back above 131.60

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