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Why Forex Trading

If you want to know why the Forex trading market is superiors to other investor options such as Equities or the futures market, then you can rest assure that you'll find the answer in this page.

The best way to clarify the advantages of the Forex market is through a real example. In 1929, the stock market collapsed, causing many people and businesses from around the world to go broke. This also happened when the high tech bubble burst. The fear of a market crash is a concern that constantly dwells in the minds of investors, both professional and beginner ones.

In the online Forex trading market, There is no way for the market to crash. If you have read about what is the Forex trading market, then you know that when you buy a certain currency, you are at the same time selling another currency. When some currencies' price false, others' price rise.

So this is the most important advantage of Forex day trading. Unlike other markets, where in some cases all traders lose money, with Forex trading there are always traders that make a profit, at any given time.

Here are some other advantages of the Forex trading market:

  • No commissions. Only in the Forex trading market are there no government fees, brokerage commissions, exchange fees and other unnecessary losses of cash. There are also low transaction costs between the bid and ask price.
  • No middlemen. In this market there are no investors that take a percentage of the investment or the profit, and you transact directly with the pricing market agent.
  • You can choose the size of your investment. The Forex trading lot is dynamic, and is set according to your preference. This lot can vary between large lots worth $10,000 to mini lots worth $25.
  • High liquidity. In the Forex trading market you can buy and sell your currency at any time and place, regardless of the currency position, when the trade itself is done almost instantaneously.
  • Trading in the margin. Forex trading consists of margin investments that increase your chances for higher profits by increasing your money's worth.
  • Opened 24 hours a day. Because it's worldwide and operates in several time zones, the Forex trading market is the only market that you can trade in 24 hours a day.

With all of these wonderful advantages, there is no wonder more and more investors choose Forex trading as there main fund for investment. Because all transactions can be done online, you don't even have to leave your house!

Tania Raven, Market Analyst

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