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GBPUSD looking to go deep

Muhammad Zeeshan Ali from AMZ Capital at 02/18/10


GBPUSD: (1.5596)


GBPUSD seems to get going in its downward trend and we have a feeling that this move can be a bit extended one and we might be looking at GBPUSD breaking below 1.5400 level. RSI is just above 35 but seems to have enough space for GBPUSD to take an extended dip therefore we will be looking to sell GBPUSD for something around 1.5650 level for targets around 1.5450 level. Aggressive traders might even choose to sell GBPUSD below our level and we might not find GBPUSD initially moving towards 1.5650 level.




Sell GBPUSD @ 1.5665 for Profit Level @ 1.5450 with Stop @ 1.5710

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