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The Use of Requote in the Forex Market

The Forex market holds the largest financial market trading in the world. There are more than $3 trillion value trades per day. Did you know that everyone plays a vital role in the trade of currency? Being a citizen of your country that has a currency automatically makes you as an investor of your countries currency. You decide whether you will hold on with the currency of your country or you want to trade it to other foreign currency. Currency trading is done at the Foreign Exchange market otherwise known as Forex or simply FX market.

The Forex market operates in a global electronic network which consists of financial institutions, banks and Forex traders which all involved in buying and selling national currencies. Unlike the stock exchange, the Forex market does not have any central location instead it involves an inter-bank system of trading. The Forex market transactions are done in real time which operates 24 hours a day. With a colossal number of traders around the world, the Forex is the busiest trading market in the world. Trades are made over an electronic network worldwide or by telephone. Sydney, London, Tokyo, New York and Frankfurt are the main centers of trading.

During the earlier years of the Forex market, access to trading was only made available for large business institutions and banks but later was made available for individual Forex traders and money managers. Traditionally, access to the Forex market has been made available only to banks and other large financial institutions. However, with advances in technology over the years along with the industry's high leverage options, the Forex market is now available to money managers and individual Forex traders. This was made possible through the use of computers and internet connection. Currency trading is basically instantaneous buying and selling of one currency to another. Example of trade are; Euro – US Dollar, GB Pound – Japanese Yen. This process is called cross trading.

Another type of trading which can be done is in the spot market which involves the largest volume and the most important trading in the Forex market. These trades are done on the spot which means that it doesn’t take two banking days. There are many advantages in trading in the Forex market compared to other trading systems. The major advantage is that trades can be made 24 hours a day which allows traders to immediately decide and react on breaking news which greatly affects the market price. Another great advantage for investors is that trades which are done in the Forex market do not charge any commission. With the Forex market there are always opportunities to gain a profit. Currencies sometimes weaken and sometimes strengthen. When you trade currencies, they exactly work against each other. For example, if you think that the Euro will decline against the US Dollar or vice versa, you would sell your Euro and later buy Euro again at lower price to earn a profit.

However requotes occur which may lead to decrease of profit and even lose of your investment. Requotes happen when a broker quotes one price but then quotes another. Brokers might even fill your order at a different price commonly higher when you attempt to trade. So before investing your money, make sure to check the policy of the broker regarding requotes.

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